Week 2: Test excavations, broken record pieces and brickwork


Second week on site, this time I was in Birmingham for two days.  For the first day I did lost of test excavations looking for possible sites where there might be more broken record pieces.

12:00 Arrived on site after struggling to find a parking space. Immediately found some broken record pieces in a new area, on the surface of the topsoil. Quick survey of the site but halted by rain.

12:30 Checked in at B&B and had a walk round Digbeth. Bought a longer tape measure from the markets and some blank audio tapes from a junk shop. Had lunch.

Rea Garden Excavation third test dig

14:00 Checking under the newly laid turf found some more, smaller shards of records. Dug a test hole which revealed brick work about 10cm down. No more pieces of records. Dug another test hole in between two confirmed record locations, again revealing brickwork and no shellac.

Rea Garden excavation; fourth test site

15:00 More pieces discovered under turf at fourth test site.

Rea Garden main excavation; marked for dig

16:00 Measured and marked up at first confirmed site, ready to dig. Area of 2m by 1m focusing on the main concentration of pieces on the surface.

16:45 Expanded third confirmed site: several more bits of records but mostly in top 10cm. Hit rusted metal surface at 10cm. Similar to second test site. Also found unusual black and blue/white objects which might or might not be marble, or some kind of glass.

Rea garden excavation; fourth test dig

17:30 Digging at fourth confirmed site. Some shards, again close to the surface. Lost tray and shards from first confirmed site when the wind blew the tray across the site, so weighed down trays with bricks. Continued digging and hit hard, flat stone surface at 35cm deep.

Rea Garden excavation: overview of secondary test sites

18:30 Testing area around second confirmed site. Many pieces of broken records, some quite large (up to 5cm). Surface only.


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