First sounds from broken record pieces


Today in the studio I experimented with making sounds from some of the broken record pieces found on site. Initially I tried running the individual pieces over the stylus, but as the sections had only up to about 4cm of groove to play, the technique was limited. It was also difficult to keep the needle in the groove by hand.

Making a mosaic record

Next I  began to position the pieces on a blank ten inch record as a mosaic, then playing the record with the stylus held at a height where it would just touch the surface.

The recording here used this technique.


4 Responses to “First sounds from broken record pieces”

  1. Nice nice!

    I guess these are 78s? The bits of audio sound very slowed down, which is nice, but it’d be great to hear them faster too.

    Great stuff!


  2. Cheers mate, Indeed, 78s. I had to try and play the bits as slow as possible to minimise potential damage to the stylus. Hopefully when i get a more complete record with filled-in cracks I’ll be able to play it at a faster speed. (although I do love playing 78s at 33 anyway!)

  3. 3 electronicmusik

    Really nice to see how things are taking shape here Graham .

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