The Lombard Method and British Racing Green


Over the two days I was in Birmingham this week I met up with local artist Sarah Farmer of The Lombard Method who introduced me to, amongst other people, Jason Pinder of British Racing Green.

The Lombard Method is an organisation based in an amazing old industrial building in Digbeth. Run by the artists, the space boasts a large open plan studio and a workshop as well as two project spaces.  British Racing Green is a collective of artists based on-line but with its roots in Cardiff. BRG are currently on a residency at Lombard, working in collaboration with the artists there towards an opening/happening on Saturday.

Sarah works with sound so it was great to see her studio space and some of her work in progress. The image below is of some kind of mechanical sequencer in the space. She’s also done collaborative performances with members of the public making sound with a gramophone player.

Sarah Farmer - Mechanical Sequencer

Jason’s work is sculptural and uses found objects and commonly recognisable forms. Teacups, chairs and rope often feature in his work. In the project space he had installed a chair, held at an angle by rope tied to the wall with a hanging teacup on the end. Another work in progress, pictured below, involved standing crowbars painted blue. Again, great work, and really intersting talking to someone else on a residency in Birmingham.

Jason Pinder - Work in progress


One Response to “The Lombard Method and British Racing Green”

  1. Hey Graham,
    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. I hope you know it was equally enjoyable meeting you while in Birmingham and I look forward to working with you in the future. But first… lets go for a beer sometime soon yeah?

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