Artist’s talk summary


Below is a breif summary of my artist’s talk at Eastside Projects last week. Despite forgetting the laws of thermodynamics and John Cage’s infamous quote, “music is the organisation of sound,” the talk seemed to be well received. Many thanks for those who came to hear it, and to Liz at EP and Arlene for organising it.

Overview of past works
Untitled (2008) and residency at ArToll, Germany (image and sound)
Long Railing (2009) (video)
Untitled with Records and Hammer (2009) (image)
Stutter (2009) (image and sound)
– sixty_six_events (images)
Ring a bell until you tell yourself to stop (2010) (video)
Fix an unbroken thing/object (2010) (video)
Untitled (2010) (image and sound)
Overveiw of performances
– Electronic Organica (2010) (image)
– Sonic Arts Forum (2010) (image and sound)
Influences on performance
– Philip Jeck live performance (video)
– Jeff Mills live performance (video)
– Pauline Oliveros live performance (video)
Overview of Rea Garden proposal
– Making sounds from excavated broken records
– Collaborating with local artists
– Exploring sculpture and sound sculpture
Research and influenc es on Rea Garden practice
Use of broken records
– Christian Marclay (images)
– Milan Knizak (image and sound)
Environmental Sound
– John Cage: 4’33”
– Maryanne Amacher: City Links
– Max Neuhaus: Timepiece
– Alvin Lucier: I am Sitting in a Room
– Gary Fisher: Amplified Floorboard (link image)
Installation and sculpture
– Cornelia Parker (image)
– Katja Strunz (image)
– Mark Dion (image)
Explanation of processes at Rea Garden
– Mapping (image)
– Excavating (image)
– Play and experimentation
– Sound collecting, recording (image)
Overview of Open Sound Group event
Description of elements of final show, Visitor Centre (2010)
Description of sound intallation for Solihull group show,  Three Artifacts (2010)


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