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Over the two days I was in Birmingham this week I met up with local artist Sarah Farmer of The Lombard Method who introduced me to, amongst other people, Jason Pinder of British Racing Green. The Lombard Method is an organisation based in an amazing old industrial building in Digbeth. Run by the artists, the space […]

Below are some scans of broken record pieces from the site.  On initial inspection I thought the pieces were vinyl, but it turns out with a closer look that they’re shellac; so in all likelihood the fragments are from older ten-inch records.

In some recent recording and a recent live performance I’ve used a microphone hung out of the window to pick up environmental sound. This is partly as a nod to John Cage’s 4’33” – where the silence of the performers emphasises the sounds inside and outside the room – and partly as an attempt to […]

Over the weekend I visited the Baltic in Gateshead where there was an exhibition of work by artists influecned by John Cage, called Cage Mix. I was pleased to see a work by Berlin based artist Katja Strunz who makes, amongst other things, sculptures which often feature kinetic elements and sound.  “Katja Strunz has a constellation […]



On first visiting the site, I was intrigued by the various textures on certain surfaces.

During my first visit to the site I made several audio recordings. On the one below the rain, river Rea and local bird life are all audible, underpinned with the more urban sounds of the traffic.

In March I visited the Rea Garden site to have a look round, get some ideas and meet the organisers. Below are a few of the photos I took at the site.